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Official launch, of the Polaris

June the 29th 2017, saw Mach Techs’ ‘official launch, of the Polaris One Step Shredder into the UK market, the Polaris is the latest product from award winning Austrian industrial shredder manufacturers, Lindner Recyclingtech Gmbh.

Based in Littleborough, close to Manchester, Mach-Tech Services are a specialist engineering company working exclusively with Industrial Shredding Machinery in the waste and recycling sector. In the field of Alternative Fuel Processing MachTech/Lindner offer proven and award-winning machinery, backed up by 22 skilled team members operating from two workshops and two sales offices.

The experience of Mach-Tech service engineering teams on all makes, models and types of industrial shredders has led to them to being the suppliers of choice for many of the biggest players in today’s waste and recycling marketplace.

Guests were invited from across the UK to North West Recycling’s HQ, NW Recycling (NW Recycling) hosted the event and are the satisfied owners of a Lindner Polaris, in fact NW Recycling are the first recycling company to acquire this powerful machine in the UK.

The Launch was opened and four groups of prospective customers, Lindner owners, press and other interested parties ran throughout the day, with a presentation headed by Mach-Tech’s Southern Sales Manager Colin Irons, who explained in simple terms the Polaris as a hybrid machine employing the technology of both the Jupiter chassis and Komet cutting profile. Depending on the model, Lindner use a single or a two-stage belt drive for all their shredders, these are extremely reliable and practically maintenance-free


The Polaris offers:

  • A one step RDF shredder.
  • Handling of untreated waste.
  • Consistent defined fraction size.
  • Strong resistance against foreign parts.
  • The stability of the Jupiter primary shredder.
  • The throughput of the Jupiter Komet secondary shredder.
  • Next to no separation needed (front or back).
  • Variable fraction size.
  • High productivity at high throughput.

Mr Irons knowledgably talked the visitors through each benefit the Polaris has and how it out performs other RDF shredders available in today’s market. He also gave an equally informative presentation for the Urraco 75DK another Lindner machine that was presented at the open day, the Urraco 75DK is a mobile twin shaft shredder.

The presentation was followed by live demonstrations of both machines working on NW Recycling’s site.One of the Polaris features which was noticed by many, was not so much that it will stop on an unshreddable item, but that the design of the machine, which allows quick and easy removal of such foreign parts.

During the Polaris live demonstration, a substantial piece of steel was thrown into a load of untreated waste which subsequently caused it to stop with the clutch activated and the drive disengaged. The piece of ‘tramp’ material was very simply removed with little to no mess.

On the Left: Lindner’s patented lifting door pushes the waste up and out of the way containing the waste in the cutting chamber and allowing free and easy access for removal of the foreign part.

On the Right: a competitor’s attempt at a one-step shredder where whatever waste is in the machine has to be discharged out on to the floor to look for tramp material.

Lindner technology has driven the RDF/SRF market globally, in the UK alone MTS installed equipment can processes approximately 800 tonnes of waste per hour into -30mm SRF flock on a one shift operation that equates to 1.6million tons of <30mm SRF.

If that figure isn’t fantastic enough, we all know that very few companies process SRF in one shift only, so the real figure would probably be nearer 3million tons.

Lindner has been the flagship when it comes to the production of RDF/SRF, alternative fuels, it’s where they have forged their name, people recognise the Lindner product for its robust design and its ease of maintenance, in the words of one of Mach-Tech services largest customer who has over 20 machines “Why Would I Buy Anything Else”

Comments given from Guests invited to Mach-Techs Polaris launch, included:-

“Everything Mach-Tech said the Polaris could do- It Did”!!

Andrea Matula Impact Air

The Polaris gives an exceptional performance, it was good to see with my own eyes.

Andrew Mc Kenzie LHS

“Such a well organised professional event with extremely knowledgeable people leading the way forward with the Polaris”

I .Murphy- Island waste

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