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Wood Shredding

Lindner-Recyclingtech GmbH looks back on the long tradition of an Austrian family business. The enterprise was founded in 1948 by Josef Lindner as a manufacturer of machinery and plants for the timber industry, now in its third generation, the company has not left behind its roots, although more widely known for its range of waste shredding and plastic shredding equipment, Lindner produce a number of static and mobile machines that are ideally suited for the volume reduction of timber and waste woods etc.

According to data gathered by the Wood Recyclers’ Association (WRA), the UK generates an estimated 4.5 million tonnes of waste wood a year. In 2011 around 2.8 million tonnes was being recycled. Due to the increases in landfill tax and haulage costs the amount of wood being recycled increases year on year.

A grading structure which aims to clarify what kinds of recovered wood are suitable for has been published by the Wood Recyclers’ Association (WRA).

  • Grade A: “Clean” recycled wood – material produced from pallets and secondary manufacture etc and suitable for producing animal bedding and mulches.
  • Grade B: Industrial feedstock grade – including grade A material plus construction and demolition waste, this is suitable for making panelboard.
  • Grade C: Fuel grade – this is made from all of the above material plus that from municipal collections and civic amenity sites and can be used for biomass fuel.
  • Grade D: Hazardous waste – This includes all grades of wood including treated material such as fencing and track work and requires disposal at special facilities.

With Lindner Recyclingtech machinery, we at MachTech are able to offer equipment that is tried and tested in a working environment, whether it’s a rough shred of 250-400mm through one of our range of Urraco mobile shredders or a process requiring a chip size of -10mm through one of our range of single shaft shredders or indeed, anything in between, our customers can be assured that if we cannot prove our concept by an existing customer testimonial, then ourselves and the team at Lindner work with our clients to ensure that the requirements are met in the most cost effective and reliable way.